Agile Coach is your game plan for your professional and personal life.  Agile Coach gives you a competitive edge with repeatable, habit forming best practices that leads to performance improvement. With Agile Coach you:

  • Learn, develop and apply best practices – Put best practices into practice – anytime and every time because practice makes perfect. 
  • Change behavior – Do more than do things and do more than do the right things, do the right things right. 
  • Develop positive habits – Develop a playbook and plays for changing circumstances and different situations.  
  • Personalize development – Your playbook is personalized to your coaching and development needs. Apply coaching to those practices that will make a difference for you.
  • Become more self-aware — Coaching creates awareness with written plays and reminders.
  • Maintain accountability — Hold yourself accountable with a mobile, adaptive and interactive coaching tool. 
  • Reach your full potential — Maximize your personal and professional potential.
  • Incremental improvement – Practice makes perfect. 
  • Feel achievement – Receive positive feedback with each completed step and play.


  • Organize steps into plays and plays into playbooks. 
  • Add playbooks, plays and steps.
  • Playbooks include title, description, keywords and plays.
  • Plays include title, description, keywords, reminder, document attachments, links and steps.
  • Steps include title, description, notes, document attachments and links.
  • Reminders may be set for a specific time and day, week or month.  Reminders may repeat.
  • Mark steps complete when running a play.  
  • Reset plays to mark setups uncompleted and re-run the play.  
  • App search for content keywords.

Agile Coach provides a solid, simple user interface.

If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear from you.  You may reach us at  

Join the executive coaches, authors and trainers community.  Submit your plays and playbooks as pre-loaded content to promote your products and services.