What is your game plan?  Agile Coach is your game plan for your professional and personal life.  Agile Coach gives you a competitive edge with repeatable, habit forming best practices that leads to performance improvement. 


Developed Sheepshead game app for iOS iPad.  Sheepshead is a five-player, trick-taking card game. This version uses the Jack of Diamonds partner variant. Sheepshead provides two game play modes - computer play and learn mode. In this version the game plays leasters when no player picks.  Developed for iOS with Xcode IDE in Objective-C by Gregg Tushaus.


Shoot gumballs from the gumball machine to eliminate sets of colors. Get rid of all the gumballs before they reach the gumball monster, or no gumballs for you. Gumball Popper is and exciting game experience requiring quick reflexes and concentration.